Resident Evil Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC will “conclude the Winters Family Saga”

Resident Evil Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC will “conclude the Winters Family Saga”

Resident Evil Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC will “conclude the Winters Family Saga”

Resident Evil Village’s story DLC is coming on October 28th, and we’re now learning that Shadows of Roses roughly four hours of content will conclude the Winters family’s starring role in the Resident Evil series.

Spoiler Warning: This story contains spoilers for Resident Evil Village.

Speaking to IGN Japan at the Tokyo Game Show, director Kento Kinoshita said that Capcom is “creating the Shadows of Rose story to end the Winters family saga.” This means that wherever Resident Evil goes for the next main entry will likely introduce a new set of faces, or return to characters we haven’t seen in a while.

As for what fans can expect from future RE features, producer Masachika Kawata only laughed after saying that they “absolutely could not” share any of their future plans.

The Winters family consists of Ethan Winters, who is the protagonist of Resident Evil VII and Village, as well as his wife, Mia, and their daughter, Rose. In Resident Evil Village’s post-credits scene, we see that Rose is now a teenager and working with Chris Redfield. There was also a tease that Ethan is still alive at the end of the game, so it looks like the upcoming DLC ​​will provide answers on that front as well.

Kawata and Kinoshita also talked about the new third-person mode coming to Resident Evil Village’s Gold Edition, saying they wanted fans to look at the mode and wonder “did they make this third-person from the beginning?”

“It took about as much effort as making a new game,” Kawata said. “Even the same game can be a very different experience when played in third person.”

Kinoshita also talked about the work involved in the third-person mode, pointing out details that make it clear that Village’s third-person gameplay should stand up to other entries in the series.

“You know, we felt like we had to make something as good or better than Resident Evil RE:2 and RE:3,” Kinoshita said. “Compared to the previous games in the series, Resident Evil Village has an exceptionally large variety of player actions. You can guard, you can move while crouching, and there’s a lot of exploring of objects. We’ve made thorough adjustments to ensure that they unique animations would look completely together, and that they would be playable at a good pace.”

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